Human Resource Management
Taking Care of the Human Side of Business

The Rice Consulting Group gives you the necessary tools to conduct better and more cost effective human resource functions; and we work with you to achieve superior human resource management.

Outsourcing Strategies

Outsourcing Strategies create opportunities for organizations to design a flexible HR workforce to meet the demands of the changing work requirements of today's business environment.

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulting combines a customer need approach with a concern for the management of people. The Rice Consulting Group teams with your organization to determine, plan for, and implement your HR needs.

Performance Management

Performance Management Systems including job analysis, design, and Systems implementation allow managers and supervisors to counsel employees to foster employee development and improve job productivity. The Rice Consulting Group can provide the framework and the coaching to make this on-going process easier to manage with measurable results.

Personnel Management

Personnel Management Systems often need review and restructuring during rapid growth or change. We help companies determine job descriptions, who fits the job description, current employee fit within the organization, and the match of employee skill level to job position.


Training and Development
An Investment in Training is an Investment in the Future

The Rice Consulting Group helps organizations maximize their capacity to learn and gain a competitive advantage. We lead individuals and groups through change by creating an environment that stimulates learning, empowers individuals, and encourages creativity at all levels.

Project Management

Project Management is a critical step in the effective utilization of training resources. The Rice Consulting Group has experience managing large scale projects encompassing multiple designers and diverse sites for an extended period of time. We provide organizations with successful large project management while focusing on both cost containment and quality results. We afford the same level of focus to quality and budgetary concern to smaller projects.

The Instructional Design

The Instructional Design Process is the first step in any quality training or Process performance intervention program. From thorough needs analysis through research with management and subject matter experts, to determining the most effective training delivery and evaluation, The Rice Consulting Group's instructional design team focuses on your organization's key training objectives and provides professional custom materials that meet those objectives.

Presentation and Delivery

Presentation and Delivery are what makes training material come to life. The role of the trainer is to facilitate a transfer of the learning from classroom to job site. Our training is highly interactive, involving the trainee in the process while at the same time providing presentation formats that allow for different learning styles. Our trainers track the agenda, maintain objectives, ensure a safe environment for participants, listen, summarize, review, manage challenges, and motivate trainees to action.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer programs can transform your employees into powerful instructors. By mastering the art of delivery and presentation, your employees can deliver the organization's message with style, conviction, and effectiveness. Presentation classes for executives will enhance their ability to provide content rich courses and presentations that heighten the direction and expectations of the organization.

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Organizational Development
Centering Your Organization on Excellence

The Rice Consulting Group empowers your work force using proven principles and techniques while driving a commitment to quality that improves your company's competitive position. Changing processes, organizations, and culture may seem radical without a realistic vision of how companies must be organized and managed in order to succeed in the 21st century. Our aim is a quantum leap in performance - not just incremental improvement.

Strategic Business

Strategic Business Assessment and Planning assists your company in defining its goals and direction for the future while supporting your team in the successful implementation of a winning effort.

Assessment and Design

Assessment and Design evaluates the rules of the past and, where needed, presents new, more effective designs that provide the organization with a comprehensive blueprint to survive and prosper in the days ahead.

Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement Plans structure and evaluate work systems necessary for the strategic deployment of teams who can produce and deliver products and services most effectively to customers.

Quality Process

Quality Process Initiatives put your organization on track to meet the Initiatives needs and expectations of your customers. Our experience and familiarity with quality processes can assure that the quality you seek exists in your products, services, and in the processes you use to deliver them.

Group Facilitation

Group Facilitation requires a skilled facilitator who can lead a group to solve problems effectively and seek solutions in a win-win environment. The Rice Consulting Group facilitators are among the best in the industry.

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The Rice Consulting Group
Course Listing

Office Hoteling

Creating a Culture for Team Effectiveness

The Emerging Manager

Manage Different Relationship Styles

Master the Art of Leadership

Successfully Motivate Others

Manage and Resolve Conflict

Communication Skills for Managers

Manage Cultural Diversity

Learn to Use Your Power Effectively

Manage Change Successfully

Build A High Performance Team

Effective Facilitation Skills for Team Meetings
Coaching for Performance and Commitment

Quality Customer Service

Effective Conflict Management Skills

The Key to Effective Presentations

Manage Your Time Successfully

Quality Service for the Internal Customer

Understand Your Communication Style

Manage the Change to Total Quality

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills

Strategic Thinking

Successful Strategic Planning

Office Hoteling

In January 1999, Sun Microsystems contracted The Rice Consulting Group to develop a program to facilitate with their worldwide transformation from a traditional office layout to a flexible-office system (Office Hoteling). Having conducted extensive research on numerous companies that were either using or in the process of implementing the flexible-office system, Sun Microsystems discovered a serious problem. Though the benefits of office hoteling were evident, the transition itself proved extremely difficult and was largely contested in most companies. Managers and employees alike were angry and confused about the transition.

Before developing this program, The Rice Consulting Group decided to dig a little deeper. We conducted extensive research on many companies who had adopted an office-hoteling system and we interviewed numerous employees and managers who had been through the transition. We discovered that the problem was a lack of understanding and sufficient preparation for this new concept. Upon finishing our research, we focused our resources on developing a specific program to address this problem.

Our program concentrates on educating a company's associates about office hoteling and how to handle the change to this new type of environment. The program focuses on the benefits, philosophy and necessity of office hoteling and explains how employees can use the system to their advantage. It provides them with a new, educated outlook into the future of their company, and prepares them to deal with the change with a positive attitude and a rejuvenated spirit.

So far the program has yielded phenomenal results. Because the employees and managers have been well prepared, the transition has been smooth and overall morale has reached new heights. Thus, not only is the organization able to enjoy the vast financial benefits of office hoteling, but it is also able to establish an excellent line of communication and maintain a good working relationship with its employees.